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LIFTED_4X4_TRUCK Male 58 Gay Abduction Play
I am really into LIFTED 4X4 TRUCKS with BIG 49- 54'S IROK TIRES....Like to meet a gay guy who is really interested in LIFTED 4X4 TRUCKS. Really LOVE RUBBER INNER TUBES...DAMN LOVE THE DAMN TUBE!!! Really like Military 6x6 trucks and those tires and inner tubes. Get into RUBBER!!! Also am into CHIPPEWA LOGGERS, CARHARRT BOOTS...DAMN KICK ME IN THE NUTS!!! Really like guys who like to work on TIRES and TUBES!!! I am a DAMN Redneck Dude who grew up on a dairy farm and worked on big tires and inner tubes! DAMN LOL BIG ASS 4X4 TRUCKS and DAMN INNER TUBES! LIKE TO help this DUDE CHANGE A BIG ASS TIRE with A damn big inner tube? I DAMN LOVE INNER TUBES!
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