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Hey, I'm Paul...a masculine southern guy, laid-back and down to earth. What you see is what you get... I have nothing to hide. I feel that if you hide things from people (within reason of what people have a right to know), you'll never have a true relationship with that person in the first place, whether friendship, family, or for love. I'm also very open-minded with life, people, and sex...I thrive on spontinuity and adventure. There is a time and place for it, but overall, I feel life was given to us to enjoy it, have fun, and live it to the fullest. Interesting things: I like camping, hiking, water-skiing, fishing, traveling, or just hanging out with friends for dinner, or a few drinks. At times I like to dance with friends, or with a special guy, but in clubs or restaurants, I'm more of the wallflower type. I don't feel the need to be the center of attention. I'd rather just be there with everyone. Sometimes I like to just stay home cuddled on the couch to a good movie. I'm mainly just looking for cool, laid-back masculine guys, like myself, or cool chicks to hang out with as friends..I am into hanging w/other masc men, porn, poppers, grps, Leather; Jeans, Boots.. So i have a sort of kinky streak. I'm looking for a guy around my age who would be into anything as long as no one involved gets arrested,hurt,maimed, or killed.
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