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GearFetish.us is the site for guys into gear: athletics, motorcycles, equestrian, hazmat, rubber, lycra, tight jeans, underwear, uniforms and kinky fun...ALL profiles have photos!

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Bondage4Me Bondage4Me 50 Southgate Michigan
dirtymind020 dirtymind020 34 Amsterdam Netherlands
speedorob speedorob 46 Deerfield Be Florida
DuctTapeMan DuctTapeMan 46 Hilliard Ohio
Djmal123 Djmal123 41 Carlisle United Kingdom
jeaready jeaready 60 Laguna Nigue California
Flatcop Flatcop 51 Brookfield Connecticut
wolfhunts wolfhunts 50 Hilo Hawaii
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DuctTapeMan DuctTapeMan 46 Hilliard Ohio
superhockeypants superhockeypants 32 Amherst Massachusetts
Tony1946 Tony1946 61 Sacramento California
Gazza47 Gazza47 64 Birmingham United Kingdom
bigmusclebearhunter bigmusclebearhunter 45 Los Angeles California
hero_peril hero_peril 53 Boston Massachusetts
Gearedtoplay Gearedtoplay 63 Mount Pocono Pennsylvania
Random90 Random90 30 Sunnyvale California




SoccerJock Jeff1 toolz support mormonboi BoundHero ITALIANboy coach4boy

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Bondage4Me 7 wks ago anyone near Detroit/Toledo into kidnap roleplay/abduction scenes? me as prey?
vgayboy 23 wks ago Solidarity and Empowerment, gay and bi men!!!
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