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Privacy Policy
This is our Privacy Policy. It has not changed in the past ten years, but we have revised it to better explain the main points. This policy can always be reviewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of every page on the site.

  • We use cookies to store your login credentials so that you do not have to re-login everytime you navigate to a new page. Your cookies are required to verify that it is you who logged into the site and can view data that is meant only for you. If you block or disable cookies, then no page that requires authentication will be available to you. In fact, multiple attempts to view pages containing private data without authentication will result in a temporary ban on your Internet address.
  • We do not attempt to install tracking cookies on your browser that would be visible to any other Internet site you visit, as do Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.
  • We do not use spyware or adware anywhere on our sites. If you visit a page on our site and receive an advertising popup, then it is likely that your browser has been infected, but not by us. Some of our sites have banners for other of our sites.
  • We do not use any technique to install software on your computer for any reason, but specifically to present you with advertising.
  • We do not share any of your private data with other businesses, government entities, or other members of the site, including your email address, name, credit card numbers, age, locale, etc. We own a number of sites that are related, and we occasionally send invitations from one site to another site's members if we think that member may be interested. Any customer, not wishing to receive invitations, can elect to not receive this kind of message from us using a link on the site of which they are a member.
  • Program logs that keep records of activity each time any page is visited, are kept for six months. Some of these records contain private data about a member's activities, except no credit card numbers (PCI Compliance). These logs are necessary for us to locate program errors, but they are only visible to the site owners and programmers. A court order could require that these logs be provided to law enforcement officials, but each day's log entries are permanently deleted when it is six months old.
  • Some of our sites are adult-themed. Visitors to these sites who have not reached the age of majority in their country of origin will not be allowed to join the site.
Article expires: 2020-09-2712849

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