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Fri Sep 24 09:07:25 2021 GMT

Police Unions Sabotage Police Reform. Senate Never Voted on House Bill That Would Ban Immunity, No-Knock, Chokeholds
police unionBy Isaiah Poritz, opensecrets.orgSeptember 23, 2021 1:06 pm Formal talks on bipartisan police reform legislation broke down on Wednesday after the two parties failed to put forward any joint legislation on the issue. That underscores the political power of police unions, which have rallied against reform. The talks began last year amid national outrage after […]
Kevin Spacey Hired Psychologist To Examine Accuser Anthony Rapp, Expert Found Alleged Victim ‘Perpetuated A False Memory’ For Financial Gain & Showed Signs Of ‘Narcissistic Personality Traits’
Published by Radar Online Kevin Spacey hired a professional psychologist to examine his sexual assault accuser, Anthony Rapp, who claims the 49-year-old suffers “narcissistic personality traits” and has an “excessive need for admiration.” In legal documents obtained by Radar, the expert outlines all the reasons they believe Rapp “generated and perpetuated a false memory” about […]
Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Assault Accuser Anthony Rapp Fires Back After Being Accused Of Fabricating Story To Be Apart Of #MeToo
Published by Radar Online Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp rushed to court days after an expert Kevin Spacey hired as part of their legal battle accused him of displaying “narcissistic personality traits” and creating his allegations. According to court documents obtained by Radar, Rapp is demanding the court allow him to call witnesses who he […]
George Floyd police reform bill doomed as US Senate talks collapse
Published by AFP A bipartisan effort to pass a police reform bill in Congress named after George Floyd has collapsed Washington (AFP) – A bipartisan effort spurred by the death of George Floyd to pass a police reform bill in Congress has collapsed, US lawmakers said Wednesday, in a setback for President Joe Biden. The […]
Prosecution details R. Kelly sex crime ‘universe’ in closing arguments
Published by AFP Closing arguments in the Brooklyn federal trial of R. Kelly, shown here in Chicago in May 2019, began September 22, 2021, as the lurid trial approached its end New York (AFP) – Singer R. Kelly used “lies, manipulation, threats and physical abuse” to operate an “enterprise” enabling him to commit decades of […]
Debra Messing questions why Kim Kardashian is hosting Saturday Night Live
Published by BANG Showbiz English Debra Messing has questioned why Kim Kardashian West is to host ‘Saturday Night Live’. The ‘Will & Grace’ star asked fans if she was “missing something” after it was revealed the 40-year-old reality star is to guest present the comedy showcase, because she insisted that while Kim is a “cultural […]
Model Evangelista says fat-reduction left her deformed
Published by AFP Canadian model Linda Evangelista, seen here at a Paris fashion show in 1995, says a cosmetic procedure gone awry has left her permanently difigured Washington (AFP) – Former supermodel Linda Evangelista says she has been permanently disfigured by a fat-reduction cosmetic procedure that backfired and caused her to look bloated and unrecognizable. Evangelista, […]
Biden scrambles between multiple political fires
Published by AFP US President Joe Biden faces a political storm at home and abroad Washington (AFP) – President Joe Biden cut a beleaguered figure Thursday as he raced to extinguish political fires on the left and right, at home and abroad, in an attempt to save his hopes of transforming the United States. Whether […]
U.S. special envoy to Haiti quits over ‘inhumane’ migrant deportations
Published by Reuters By Daina Beth Solomon and Doina Chiacu CIUDAD ACUNA, Mexico/WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The U.S. special envoy to Haiti resigned in protest on Thursday in a letter that blasted the Biden administration for deporting hundreds of migrants back to the crisis-engulfed Caribbean nation from a camp on the U.S.-Mexican border in recent days. Daniel […]
Cassandra Peterson, Horror Icon Elvira, Comes Out, Reveals 19-Year Relationship in New Memoir
Elvira“Safe, Blessed and Truly Loved” Elvira has spooked and soothed as the collective world’s Mistress of the Dark for decades, but the person behind the horror/camp icon, Cassandra Peterson, shared a part of her life that she has held close to her chest for most of her career for the first time. Peterson is a […]
LISTEN: Lil Nas X Album and Live Cover of ‘Jolene’ Live; Plus Gaga/Tony Bennett First Hits; BTS and MTStallion, Really; ABBA;Drake, Ed, VMAs, ABBA
In case you missed it, a big week for music last week. Enjoy. LISTEN UP: ICYMI Last week was huge — VMAs, Lil Nas X Gave Birth, BTS and MT Stallion, Ed Sheeran, Gaga/Bennett and more.
Dear Abby Bisexual Visibility Day is Tomorrow; More Bi Stories to Balance Todays Bi-sex Cheater Hubby and ‘Heartbroken Wife’?
While no doubt good advice and every word the truth, if all that’s out there of bisexual lives is lying, sexual treachery lies and innocent partners’ lives ruined, we’re not really getting the full LGBTQ story out there. And even caveating the post with acknowledgement that many bisexuals are not like this cheating heart, it […]
Virginia capital unveils monument marking end of slavery after removing Confederate statue
  Published by Reuters   By Joseph Ax (Reuters) – Two weeks after Richmond, Virginia, removed a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that had prompted protests over racial injustice, the city unveiled a new monument on Wednesday commemorating the end of slavery. The Emancipation and Freedom Monument, designed by Oregon sculptor Thomas Jay […]
Animosity toward minority groups predicts support for Donald Trump, regardless of party alignment
Published by PsyPost New research published in the journal American Political Science Review revealed that people who expressed extreme dislike toward Democratically-aligned minority groups were more likely to approve of Donald Trump when he made his way into politics — regardless of their party alignment. Animosity toward these groups did not predict support for other […]
Trump sues niece, New York Times over Pulitzer-winning tax story
Theory of Trump's lawsuit is as follows: “I may have defrauded @MaryLTrump out of tens of millions of dollars that she should have inherited from her father. But she never should have figured that out because of the confidentiality agreement I fraudulently induced her to sign.” https://t.co/ctpvpkfwDN — Robbie Kaplan (@kaplanrobbie) September 22, 2021 Published […]
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