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Into hot, hard, muscle contact and action with other built guys
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A1SoCalBuffStud Male 57 Bisexual Friends
Into other hot IN SHAPE guys with more going on than just what is between the legs. IE SOMETHING BETWEEN THE EARS REQUIRED!!! . . . Other interests: aviation, SCUBA, skiing, football (US), travel, and time with friends. These, and work, are the main aspects/parts of my life. I like connecting with other guys that have a life, and who also like to play hot and hard. . . If it is just another hot/nice body, I am probably not interested. Have to connect on other levels. Please have a (non-drama) life as well. . . To connect well in my leather/kink interests, I find that if there are connections on other levels going on already, then connecting in leather/kink is a better place mentally. . . I do enjoy sports and working out. They have and DO REQUIRE time, motivation, and effort. I seek the same as well in others. . . Kink interests include Boots, Leather, Bondage, some SM, and Uniforms. Uniforms - especially Military, Police and some sports gear such as Football & Boxing. AGAIN MUST ALSO have SOMETHING going on BETWEEN THE EARS as well. NO EXCEPTIONS. . . Working BRAIN and DECENT or better BODY REQUIRED. . . I have spent the time an effort in these areas and am ONLY LOOKING FOR THE SAME.
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