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Hi Guys! I'm just a normal everyday retired horny senior in searhc of fun and erotic adventures with other males. Seems like there are many of us out there but most are too shy to let it be known. I enjoy giving and receiving man to man attentions, such as cuddling, kissing, hugging, frotting, groping, touching, erotic soft wrestling naked with hard ons (love that!), basically being intimate and enjoying each others bodies to the fullest. I am quite active sexually and truly enjoy male company. Got my own place but if you are far away then I can always travel and get a room somewhere. I would love to find some really hairy guys as that is a phenomenal turn on for me, hairy backs, asses, frontal hiriness, oh, Boy, I'm hot now already!! Cock size is not important since I am small endowed myself, but mutual and reciprocating actions are a must. Hope to find some of you interested! Oh, since you gonna ask anyway, my username Angorapants is because I love wearing Mohair and Angora clothing, no biggie, just a choice.
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