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BDBoi Male 30 Other Personal Trainer
Hey, I'm a Creative Writing major looking to become an Editor. I love to write poetry (: I also enjoy playing cards (Hearts & Euchre), volunteering, listening to music, and watching movies. On my kinky side, I LOVE: WS, bondage, blindfolds, gags, spanking, diapers, dirt/mud, and maybe a few more. I would like to TRY: scat (feces), electro stimulation, dungeon play, and if you have anything else in mind, just run it past me. LIMITS: My hole is off limits, as well as any kind of sex. I'm on this site for the kinky activities, not the sex. So please don't approach me with messages of how much I'd like your cock, how much you'd like to see mine. (You can ask to see mine and I'll show you only if it relates to our activities.) Other limits of mine also include: blood, humiliation, anything public, cross dressing, needles, and knives. Please be in shape because if you're over weight or could lose a few pounds, that's a big turn off. P.S. I'm bi- curious, but I like females more.
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