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in search of a local Idaho kink bud. Bonus is a guy that can flip roles is sexy to me. Revenge bondage can be a lot of fun. It starts with bondage. However, if you are (up to) 100% active, that's OK too. That point of no return and serious bondage just 'does it' for me. I enjoy both roles top and bottom, dom or sub. Tested Neg 10/2018, including Hepatitis (easier to catch than HIV). Idaho is a gay fetish desert! LOL So if you are interested in communicating with me, please feel free to say hello. I enjoy leather restraints, impact play, edging, post orgasm polishing, milking, CBT, TT, hoods, gas masks, leather, rubber, ropes, jocks, socks, boots, chains, locks, condoms, blindfolds, gags, and toys just to name a few. If that only got you hard, then read on! Let's chat about the fantasies in our heads, for me includes abduction, kidnapping, rape, 2 on 1, and some breath control as well as choking/strangulation fetishes and KO play. Role play and hypnosis also intrigue me.It is not an inclusive 'must do' list, but now you know just about everything I'm into ... (after all) about us both having a good time. Poppers and 420 friendly. Ectomorphs (thin, wiry guys) to the front of the line. Sexually I prefer height, weight proportionate guys, but that isn't set in stone. Tall, short, thin, built, average, athletic, muscular, hairy, bald, smooth doesn’t matter as much as attitude and chemistry. Intelligence is as much a turn on for me as a man that takes good care of himself. I have a respectable amount of gear and toys to play with and can show you how it all works... Not interested: Fisting, poop, women, animals, blood, or pain for pain's sake, or marks that take weeks to heal. I like red wine and dirty vodka martinis. We can just hang out and solve all the world's problems over a couple of drinks. I study Asatru (heathen) , Wiccan (pagan) and find them both fascinating. I'm a master gardener, hiker, enjoy good local non-chain food in the company of like-minded men.
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