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Bike Courier PIG in Toronto for HEAVY BREEDING
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BikeCourierPunk Male 35 Gay Play In Gear
I'm a bike Courier in Toronto. It's hot to be sweaty and hard in Lycra all day long with every single person you pass by staring at my ass or dick bulge, I think that is why I took the job in the first place. I'm crazy about piss and love to party. I always like to spend a good portion of the time in gear or clothes on getting hard and horny, watch some point and rub my bulge before stripling down into my jockstrap for a raw breed. Into all types of guys so don't be shy. When I'm not at work you would find me in tight grunge boy jeans and suspenders with boots like a good little punk ready to get his Pig on. I PLAY RAW ONLY! NO CONDOM QUEENS, NO EXCEPTIONS!
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