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CalRider Male 41 Gay S&M/CBT Take
The #GEAR365 movement My goal is for everyone to feel the confidence to wear their gear with pride, to lovingly accept who they are, and to feel connected to their likeminded gear-folk across the globe. No matter what kind of gear drives us, no difference if the allure of gear was apparent as children or didn’t come alive until adulthood... we are gear lovers sharing a deep-seeded, primal connection. Let’s embrace it together every day. #gear365 -- DOWN AND DIRTY LIST -- 🔹 Pervy Sportbiker | SCUBA diver | The gear stays on | BLUF 2963 🔹 Boot worship | Discipline | Service | Chastity | Roleplay/mindfucks 🔹 Leather | Rubber | Boots | SCUBA | Military 🔹 Heavy bondage | Handcuffs | Rope | Chains | Locks 🔹 Breath Control | Gags | Gasmasks | Rebreathers 🔹 Connection and trust is key 🔹 Married to my sexy leatherman BLUFBIKERCA I'm looking for connections with new gear friends and for bondage-breath control play buds. -- THE GEAR WITHIN THE MAN -- I am a Leatherman to my core. The excitement, power, confidence, danger and sexual energy that comes through wearing gear... It is a dangerous weapon. It gives me the power to take control of a man or be brought to my knees when I stand before him in his shiny, tight gear. The Leathermen across the globe who feel the same are my brothers... I may not be biologically related to this primal pack, but the leather that runs through our veins ties us together. I'm always looking for guys who understand this fraternal depth. Maybe that's you? -- THE MAN WITHIN THE GEAR -- I'm a loyal, hard working, fit, creative type who finds great satisfaction in challenging myself; lifting weights, running, taking on new activities. I find deep serenity on the motorcycle traveling California, watching the sunset over the ocean, staring into the planets and stars of the night sky, and enjoying life with my band of brothers and husband. -- THE NO FLY ZONE -- ❌ Scat ❌ Blood ❌ Women and Children ❌ Animals ❌ Unsafe
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