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Any other curious guys looking for guy-to-guy exploring in-gear fun? ALSO: I am looking for gear donations, or I buy certain clothing and certain in-expensive sports gear: any condition old used jockstraps; men's/boys vintage short-shorts (Adidas?); vintage underwear white briefs; Speedo any size, age or condition; vintage basketball uniform; singlets; hockey garter; other?. I appreciate donations, but I'll pay a reasonable fee, if necessary. I have legal, safe, non-prescription, 'VIAGRA' on hand (nothing for sale), for you and I to use and enjoy to keep us both rock-hard for hours! I just bought a fresh, brand new bottle of POPPERS for you and me. I have 12 fresh lycra/spandex male Sports Singlets for you and I to choose from and to try on. (If you're adventurous: a gray singlet has a torn, ripped-out crotch, and a black singlet has a cock hole in front). Have you ever worn a Singlet? Got felt-up? The lycra/spandex material feels like erotic smooth silk all over your male body. It's really hard not to get HARD! Athletes who wear singlets (wrestlers, track and field, gymnasts, cross-country runners, bicyclists, rowers) are naked 'commando' underneath a Singlet! You will easily understand why sometimes some Wrestler's get half-hard, or boners, when they wrestle other guys! You don't ever have had to be an athlete to respond to this Ad. Even if you've never played a sport in school: 'curious about wearing hot athlete gear' are very welcome here. ALSO: To try on, I have fresh clean football uniform's, lettermen jacket's, jockstraps, Speedo's, briefs, more. I have throw-away underwear to stretch, rip, tear, wreck, stain, trash. And, other fun kinky male athletic erotic toy items. YOU: horny guy age 18, up to young-looking 50. Skinny, thin, slender, slight, or medium- body. Caucasian, Mexican, Asian, or Native. Str8, bi, gay, or not sure. I prefer more of the twink-type, but slender older considered. (Sorry, I'm not into: bears, overweight, stocky, husky, bald, big guy, beard, or old-looking. Thanks.) ME: I'm a recently retired professional, clean-shaven, single, friendly, dominant-top & oral, 4:20-friendly, popper-friendly, non-smoker, magic-mouth-oral, trimmed-up, versatile/top, fun to be with. (PICTURES: These pics are not off the internet. These pics are young college freshman-age guys that I met, or know personally, who tried on a Singlet or other gear, loved it, and had fun!). Message me right now. ---- Coach0fCollegeCox.
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