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Combatsportsfun Male 33 Straight Sports Buddy
Got curious what this site offers and explore. I have gis, singlets and wrestling shoes, and boxing gloves/wraps. I have an interest in combat sports, in general, mainly bjj, boxing, kickboxing and wrestling or other grappling. I have some interests in rugby type sports as well; and hogtie/being tied up but haven’t had a chance to explore that and how to use it for this website. Open to try new things, and willing to try variety of wrestling/boxing matches, like cum/milking matches, strip style wrestling and also I have interests in 2vs1/group team fighting (or grappling) as well. Feel free to message me to see if I want to try out another match style! Skype Id: live:.cid.c0a0b5af2101e4b4
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