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DaineseSamiBearFIN09 Male 55 Gay Shoes/Boots Buddy
I just wondering about LeatherBikerMen with Cruiser or Custom bike for Bf Partnership or just best friends to explore and share things overall and having nice time together with sex naturally as leathergeared certainly than naked. I own my bikerleathers helmet, if you dare to offer a nice pillionride on your backseat to me with nice leatherhugs in future. I like of Leathers as jackets,wests,shirts,suits,boots biker cowboy -boots,bikergloves ; creaking sounds, smells, sweaty spurs taste, look, patina, all these very hardly used, soaked, piss-soaked, dusty, scratches on it, lightly damaged, not destroyed. I enjoy lick espesially dusty leathergears, maybe lightly muddy mx-boots. Alone i will spunk my cumloads over my leathers, shox,sneakers,boots with bikergloves i'm get horny to jerking-offs... Wanna get almost once get pissed over goldenshower in leathergears (not drink or swallow it), mudwrestling in leathergears if lucky me... Get experiments of sex : sucking (good on it) 69 position my favourite, kissing with passionate good too on this, jerking-offs longtime, not prompt, cuddling, boots and bikerleathers licking from neck to boots, maybe yours body too. I like damned much and most of pre-owned, hardly used bikerleathers than brandnew gears, even new has an fascionate smells and taste too =P~ Mine collection : Dainese D-Tec Luce,Held,IXS,Redskin,Richa, Spyke in leathersclothes. Boots are : Alpinestars, Binder, Gaerne, Day-mx, Longhorn, Mora pointed blunt toes,MP-asu, Sendra, Sidi. Shoeas are: Adidas hitops, Boy-Cot, Nike Airmax Airforce Shox, Puma AMG Driftcat. Bikergloves Dainese, FLM, Held,IXS, Polo, Probiker, Riossi, Tecnic purchased from Germany pre- owned 20pairs suitable for jerking-offs. I'd been fucked only twice 3/2015. My own dick is very active and works nice, even tiny 12/4cm beetween thump - frontfinger as hardened. None and never fucked any to ass yet, but wanna try this with suitable moment and without any rush or pressure. I'm nonsmoker and appreciate high if you are too, some alcohol beverages ar fine, not too drunk. I don't need use any cialis,poppers,viagras, cause my cock survive and works fine without that shit! I can English, Finnish, Germany, Swedish, Estonian languages. Then i'm tend to get know you better and closer aspecially from South, West Europe and certainly from Finland, not over seas activity by social medias only. I have Kik, Skype, Whatsapp to mobile activity, but not keen for jerking-offs via this!
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