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Doogie01 Male 53 Gay Play In Gear
I live on the South East side of Warren MI. Looking for a kinky guy that wants to play. I'm 49 most people say I look more like 34. I'm 6'2”, 175, blond hair, clean shaven. Shave a little down there too. Looking to peddle my bike to your place and suck your cock. Maybe bring the toy bag for some kinky fun. Email me! Lets get together and have some kinky fun... I have a major fetish for spandex gear. I have lots of spandex bondage gear. Sleep sacks, straight jackets, zenti and other things. I also have a big fetish for over the calf white tube socks (clean of course). They work great for bondage as well. Roll up a tube sock and have the bottom hold it in a fist. Then pull a tube sock up the arm. The bottom then has no way to touch himself. Cool?
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