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Jockcumpig Male 58 Gay Used Jockstraps
Hi. I am looking to be forced to sniff used jockstraps and socks. I would like them to be placed around my neck while I am servicing a large group of guys and they all shoot their load down throat and into my gut all mixing. Looking for them to collect cum in a jar and force feed me all the mixed loads collected. Hopefully from a team or construction crew. Insert a funnel into my mouth and dump.Looking to be that cum dump on a regular basis for a large group.Looking to be put on my knees with a collar and leash with a hood that has holes for the mouth and eyes. FORT TROFF has them. Pull me around to each cock and make me edge you several times over so I receive a bigger load.Looking for a on going thing on a regular basis with a large group that can satisfy my need for cum. Looking for that football party, car races, or any event where there is a cum dump needed. Work crew, sports teams, lockerroms, gyms, and out in the woods hunting, let me know. I am here to swallow every drop.Never a drop wasted when I am around. Thanks for your consideration.
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