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MrMarline Male 29 Gay Bondage Slave
Hello! My name is Anthony. A 24 year old gaymer in Henderson, (Las Vegas), Nevada. I have a very big interest in bondage, with a big emphasis on gags. I'm completely verse, so I love to be tied up, and I love having guys tied up as well. I'm actively looking for play. I'm not shy, so please don't hesitate to hit me up. I'm really interested in objectification/short term storage bondage. I'd love to be tied up and left helpless for a while. On the opposite side of that, I'd love to find a guy who is down for that same situation. I'd like to find a guy I could play with, and leave hogtied and gagged while I watch some TV until I'm ready to play some more! Gags Duct tape Socks/sneakers Non kink wise, I'm just a simple guy who likes video games and cartoons. I play Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Dota 2, you name it. I love shows like Archer, Bojack Horseman, and Rick and Morty. So don't waste any time! Let's get some kink going!
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