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Kinky 47 year old bear into rubber, dirty work clothes, sports gear
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Mudcub Male 52 Gay Dirt/Mud Buddy
I live near the Flatiron building in New York City. Can host, and love to play during the day. Have a playroom/dungeon with sling, hoods, gags, sleepsacks in leather, rubber, and neoprene. Straitjackets, electro, pup gear, bootblacking chair, rimchair, and lots of toys. As a bottom X X X X X X X X X X X i love to be a slave. i try hard to make a Master happy. i like it when things get tough... that's when my service shows the Master that i'm doing it out of respect and love for Him/Her and not some bullshit personal thrill. To me, slavery also means no whining. i serve with an open heart, and go eagerly into any place the Master wants to take me. i don't judge a Master or compare Her/Him to others - they all have been special and taught me something different. it's not about my fetishes... though i'm incredibly grateful if You and i share a common kinky interest. Instead, i want to please You and be a good boy. i want You to think, 'Man, I'm really glad I met Mudcub... that was really fun!' As a Top X X X X X X X X X X X I also love being a 'service top'. I get off on making a guy's fantasy happen. If you want to be mummified in heavy leather or rubber, I'll do it exactly how you want, and make sure everything is safe. Or, if you want some pain, I can be a really inventive and creative Top. I like to play with beginners... if they want to learn more about a kink I've done, I'll go as slow as they want. I love to tell stories, too, and like nothing better than to get a bottom horny just by talking. Scenes X X X X X X X X X X X Here are some things I would like to experience before I die: Be prisoner for a hard POW scene - waterboarding, eating gruel, suffering abuse, heavy bondage, longterm blindfolds and confinement Work as a farm slave - covered in manure, sweating, flogged and whipped, kept in chains all night stinking of cows and horses and pigs Do a fraternity initiation - spankings, assplay, humiliation, and games. I could be a Top or bottom for this one Be put in heavy bondage in a sling - only my asshole and dick exposed. Earplugs, hood, blindfold, gag, straightjacketed with my fistmitts locked above me and my boots attached to the chains. The Top gives me enemas while I am in bondage, and plays with my ass using hands, toys, electro, vibrators, for a LOT longer than I want A coach or another player to do 'fumble drills' with me in full football gear in the mud Heavy bondage mixed with smells and raunch. Mummification with my head in a bucket of garbage and filth Longterm bondage - I'd love to experience 24 hours (or 48? Or more?) as a 'bondage weekend'. I'd be blindfolded the entire time, and kept in some kind of bondage for the duration Diaper play - maybe combined with bondage. Shitting and pissing in public is tricky but interesting. Laxatives, stuffing, contests with another diaper lover I'd like to try a fucking machine. And I've never combined electro play with mummification. I'd love to be completely bound, hooded, and gagged, with an electric buttplug in my ass, and on one my dick and balls. I'd have to stay that way for hours until the Top comes back to check on me - or maybe to turn the power up If you can make any of these scenes happen for me (or with me!) I would be eternally grateful, and you will have made a longtime fantasy of mine come true! Trust me, I will repay the favor with a fantasy of YOURS...
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