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Native American Rubberboy into all kinds of play and gear.
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Nabrorub Male 45 Gay Play In Gear
Basic: I am a 40ish Native American sub who is seeking his GearMaster for a long term relationship. Bio: Early 40s Native American/Celtic guy Live in Turin, Italy I speak English and some Italian Feel free to chat/IM with me, I don't bite. NO CYBER OR CAM REQUESTS PLEASE I don't go for cyber play as I would rather play 'in person'. If you do IM me, please state that you found me via so I don't confuse you with someone contacting me from one of the many MMO, tech or art communities that I participate in. Qualities/traits/attributes that I like or dislike: Likes Any combination of: Goths, rivet heads, punks, emo, rockers, skins (non political), divers, sewer men, bearish types. Wearing rubber, PVC, latex and/or leather gear in public always receives my approval. Guys who wear goggles always merit a second look or more. Likewise with rubber boots, waders, engineer, Rangers, Doc Martens (the taller the better). Long haired or no hair (long hair is great to play with and is a convenient additional 'leash', no hair shows off the goggle/gas mask/respirator straps nicely). Guys with wild hair colors or black hair. Guys who can have a conversation and know how to use the gray matter between their ears (and are not afraid to use it). Guys who know who they are and are comfortable with it. Cute faces, nice asses. Tattoos, piercings Gear/clothing colors: Black, brown, blue, gun-metal, tarnished brass, clear/transparent, yellow, 'steel', old silver. Dislikes: I don't have hang-ups with body types just don't be extreme. A bit thin or a bit of a gut is fine, anorexic or blimps are not. I don't have issues with age (as long as you are legal and don't act like an idiot), weight, though don't be excessive, a bit thin or a bit of a gut is OK, anorexic or blimps are not. Bad attitudes, bad breath, bare feet (unless they are clean), dick cheese, cologne and sneakers are not on my list and will turn me off like a bucket of ice water tossed on me. Idiots of any kind, drama queens, 'high maintenance' types can all take a hike, a long hike. Not big on extremely feminine types/gear, (androgynous/gender neutral types are OK). I am not big on the Yes, Sir! routines unless you can prove to me that you are entitled to that kind of respect. Even if I was to enter some kind of a submissive relationship (M/S or D/S), I will still retain my personality and I will tell where to shove it if you push me too far. Anything pink (pink is OK as an accent color on some types of gear), frilly, tasseled, 'sparkly' or something that looks like it came from a particularly horrid MySpace (anyone remember those?) page. Hobbies (aka anything done outside of the playroom/dungeon) My interests and hobbies list is quite long and varied. Some of those hobbies include: Mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing (bouldering), motorbikes (touring and cruising), photography, PC gaming, paper RPGs (D&D, etc), hacking (aka messing with code), MMORPGs (World of Warcraft, EVE Online and their cousins), graphic design, cooking, traveling (via rail or motorbike), reading (big Science Fiction, Fantasy fan), model building, amateur engineering projects. I am the kind of person who likes to get out and roam. Alternately, I can be a homebody (got to recharge between explorations). I have no problems with doing said non-sexual activities while in some kind of gear, although currently that is limited to a pair of motorcycle goggles and a pair of rubber wrist restraints worn with 'normal' clothing What kind of gear gets me going? Here’s the short version: Rubber, Goggles, PVC, Boots/Waders, Breathing Gear, Leather, lycra sports gear. Now for the details: Rubber: boots*, gloves*, bondage gear*, jocks straps, waders, catsuits, drysuit, chaps, vest, shorts, drysuits, wetsuits, industrial rubber gear, latex. If it's made of black/yellow/red/brown/clear rubber, I am likely going to be wearing it. I don't like hoods, they get in the way of long hair. Goggles: swimming*, motorcycle (of the black leather variaty)*, etc*, aviation, some vintage safety types, 'raver', welding*, 'steampunk' , diving mask, military/police types. Yes, goggles are an odd fetish, however they work well with my other interests. Plus they can be useful in many scenes for protection against fluids (piss, cum, shit, etc), blindfolds and when fitted with Rx lenses are excellent robust replacements for glasses (of which I am cursed to wear). PVC: Clear, black, boiler suits, rain gear, sauna suits*, industrial gear, bondage gear. Boots: waders, rubber*, engineers, combat, Ranger, DM, New Rocks, lineman's. The higher the better. Sorry pointy toed cowboy boots are a turn off. It's boots or bare feet, no just socks or shoes. I strongly prefer boots to black in color however I don't mind colored waders, DMs, Rangers or rubber boots. Breathing gear: Gas masks*, half mask respirator*, SCUBA, oxygen mask, anesthesia gear, fireman's SCBA. I have some ideas in this area. Some involve using tanks (SCUBA or medical) others involve some raunch ideas. Leather: Chaps*, harness (full*, half*, etc), gloves, bondage gear, vest, shorts, jock /w removable cod piece, one piece MC suit, etc. I prefer leather to be black in color. Gloves: Rubber (short*, elbow and shoulder), latex exam, black leather police gloves, finger-less motorcycle/sports, heavy rubber electrician's/lineman's. Medical: Catheters, oxygen masks, enema equipment, restraints, orthopedic braces, NG tubes etc. Not much experience in this area. However I have an interest here especially when combined with other gear (such catheter inserted while inrubber gear and breathing through some kind of breath equipment for some long term play, that is just one idea anyway). Bondage: Collar, restraints (lockable), head harness, body harness, other creative. Rubber, leather, PVC or metal. Often combined with other gear. Lycra: running shorts and sleeveless tank top, cycling gear, finger-less gloves. Both clean and sweaty gear is cool. I would love to swap sweaty gear with a partner mid- run/ride. Lycra sports gear is a good substitute for other gear during hot summer days. Other: Camo fatigues, metal or MX armor (combined with black heavy rubber or leather equipment), other industrial gear. Goth, Rocker/Metal styled gear, Punk. *Currently in my collection I always play in gear. At the bare minimum my harness and goggles. I prefer to start in gear and keep it on, even during the post scene beers. I have been known to sleep in gear (though not currently due a straight housemate) and wear it under my normal clothes. I prefer my playmates to be in-gear. Strongly prefer my gear to masculine in nature execpt for Goth which can androgynous/gender neutral (Black nail polish and makeup are not out of the realm of possibility). Sexual acts include: FF, WS, oral, fucking, bondage, raunch, tit play, rimming, scat, etc. I am pretty much open to most scenes and willing to try most scenes at least once. NO heavy pain, VA, vomit or under age. I am not squeamish regarding blood however such scenes need to be sane and safe. My range of scenes runs from plain ol' quiet vanilla to 'Bastille' types of scenarios. Humans only please and be real. About 40/60 dom/sub. I will play dirty or clean. Mud, old industrial sites and other interesting places are candidates for play areas. Though gear is important, I will not play with someone who does not know how to use the gray matter between his ears. I am not into people who are intentionally stupid, it simply goes against my nature and upbringing. Nor am I into attitude or posturing. WARNING: I can be difficult to get along with. It's which you get when Scottish stubbornness, an Irish temper, Latino fire and Native American resolve are combined into one interesting but sometimes volatile mixture.
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