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Paul5764 Male 57 Gay Play In Gear
I like leather and rubber. I do wear it too, most of the time during sexual activities. Long sessions are my favourites. And I am a nice person too. Come and see my collection of toys and you will be impressed. I prefer slim and good-looking guys. Only tops or versatile guys. I am handsome, 172 m x 61 kg. Brown/green eyes. Short dark blond hair. Almost no body hair. No piercing, no tattoo. What would u like me to be into? I am a pleasure provider... I always try to please you, first devoted, than full of attentions till be completely spoilt by your own sexual desires... So if you like it ? 1) A good kisser. 2) Being deep throated 3) Few fingers/a nice dick, an experienced hand up my arse and your arm. If you like to wide it up, don't forget you've got a 2nd hand. 4) Do you want to suck me while you give me a hard deep fisting in my hot and warm hole? I lay down for you with pleasure on my black rubber sheet. Or do you prefer a sling ? 5) TOYS - why not? We know the children we've got inside of us. I'm already a toy by myself . 6) I like to take serious a role's games till the game and reality be divided by a thin line. 7) Like new cities and new opportunities ? 8) all sort of man and RACE. 9) Lean and not tight minded necessarily limited to the above - try me! But you must have pics or a accurate description to get my attention - and the best: be honest! 10) after from hard aggressive deep, forceful throating of big nobs (I will drive u crazy) till sensitive passionate smooth games. than Mister you can do almost anything with my body. PERSONALITY: I am easygoing, smart (!), no attitude, open minded, sleazy, great kisser, generous body, mostly bottom. Oh, did I mention hoods and masks? I love them! Want to know more about me? Please ask me.
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