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Bad-ass homo rubber pig
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Pitbull Male 50 Gay Play In Gear
I'm 5'11', 195#, stocky/muscular, a cropped bootboy/pickup truck guy w/ workstrong bod and nasty, fun-loving attitude. Partnered 13 years, openly & honestly. I'm a confident alpha-male type who is fully versatile, but enjoys serving masculine, piggy men, (usually older than myself, but nothing is written in stone). I can be a heavy-bondage bottom when the mood strikes (although it's never difficult to convince me - through soft or hard persuasion). The combination of rubber & a good butt plug transforms me from a pig to a fucking insatiable pig!...Seriously service-oriented when bottoming. Unpretentious, down-to-earth, relaxed, open-minded, & accepting... and yet stubborn, frustratingly intelligent, and demanding... as much a deep thinker as a silly fuck. Scene is definitely butch, man's man, rock & roll leatherboy... no interest in camp lite, drag queens, etc... Like dudes who aren't afraid to be dudes, and don't mind getting rough and dirty, either in play or in life. Rubber, leather, bondage, sm, cbt, tt, boots, uniforms(cammo,cop), hot manly gear of all types, sports kit(Am. football, lax, hockey, wet/dry suits, wrestling), suspension, fucking, sucking, ws, assplay, irons, rope, hoods, foot and bootservice, restraints, whips, crops, stocks, rope, chain, straightjackets, sleepsacks, mummification, vac-racks, confinement. Favorite position (as bottom): plugged, gagged, and sacked! Definitely into gearsex above all else, but always in the pursuit of unrelenting rubber encasement scenes. Enthusiastic about everything from mutual kink-play to heavy bottoming scenes involving confinement and sensory deprivation. Love heavy bondage in leather and/or rubber gear. Ganz verboten: extreme edgeplay, weapons, blood, scat, kids, chicks, feminization, critters.
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