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PupRufus Male 39 Gay Play In Gear
Hi, I'm Rufus! As you might have realised by now I'm a fetish guy and big gearhead. Unfortunately I'm very shy so don't give up on my - once you cracked my hard shell my real me unveils (which does not need to be bad). The love of gear is very present in my life - I try to incorporate it into my everyday life as much as I can. I consider myself quite open minded and interested in things I don't know (yet). It's not neccessarily about sexual action (which isn't opposed either) - just gearing up for a movie night, cooking, discussion or for walkies is great, too! After years of a rocky relationship with many cutbacks, especially regarding fetish and BDSM, I try to 'resusciate' those sides of me. I do enjoy the bottom side of fun but am re-discovering my top-side, too. And I indeed enjoy both sides of the game. Just drop me a line if you enjoy what I share on here - I usually won't bite (well, that's a lie, I do). Greetings and have fun!
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