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Just a curious pup
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Pupsparkles Male 37 Gay Collar/Dog Slave
Curious about how much BDSM I can take. Loved electro when I tried it and I’d love to try more extremes of electro play. I love physical touch and sensory stimulation, I so enjoy the feeling of physical restraint. Total restraint is a plus! I’m submissive, but I’m not a pushover or stupid. I’ll entertain your fantasy but that’s as far as it goes. We go for a coffee and then maybe another one. I’ll think about it. I want to know you as much as I can before I allow myself to submit to you. If you’re a well known player within the community then just one coffee should do it!! I have played since childhood and only after school did it become more like BDSM. I have learnt my lessons from meeting guys on the fly. I take no chances anymore! I value my life! ! I’m relatively quiet so don’t expect too much verbal interaction during a session! ! * Hard limits: Hardcore (really painful) pain, welts, permanent marks, fire play, knife play, blood, scat and water sports. Soft limits: My own wet orgasms scare me. Burns. Choking. Ball busting. One sided play. Master/slave reality... * Picture on request once I trust you enough. I’ll play if I know it’s going to be safe and sane players. Play stops when I’m not enjoying everything anymore, or if there’s enough trust it won’t be up to me. Respect all safe words if they are used! RED - stop the scene. Let me loose. Stop play now!! ORANGE - ease up or something is wrong GREEN - hardly used unless you ask me
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