Bottom For Gear Play. Open to rough play, Servicing Guys in Gear. Especially love Sportbike Gear, Law Enforcement Gear, Boots
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SPORTBIKEUNIFORM88 Male 40 Gay Play In Gear
Hey guys...have a big thing for guys in different gear. Guys in Sportbike Gear, Police/Cop/Law Enforcement Uniforms really turn me on as do guys in work gear, construction gear and big heavy boots. Open to no recip service for guys in gear, boot licking, grinding bodies together or mutual play. Also like getting roughed up by the right guy. Can take a very hard spanking with gloved hands, heavy leather belt or strap or paddle. Open to getting punished hard and then servicing a geared up guy. While Uniforms and Sportbike gear are some of my favorites, open to other gearplay.
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