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ScubaRobb Male 51 Bisexual Play In Gear
Easy-going rubberman here who is seriously into wetsuits (especially smooth skin) and total rubber encapsulation along with rubber bondage and inflation. Love being a rubber boy-toy. Certified Advanced Scuba Diver here and I enjoy sharing air and getting wet with other like- minded guys! Also into football gear (American FULL pads!) and of course bondage (single or roped up with another player) is great fun. I'm more comfortable in pads (actually, in all gear!) than in a t- shirt and jeans. Long underwear is also something I enjoy. Union suits, heavy thermals, and bulky insulated down or fiberfill suits are great fun to wear and snuggle in. Enjoy seeing other guys out and about with their long underwear peeking out from under their shirts or torn jeans. I wear these from late October until early April. I used to be pretty embarrassed about my gear addictions and wondered if I was 'normal' having these as fetishes. I knew there were a couple other guys out there that were into wetsuits/rubber because I met one in my beginning scuba class (my first time in rubber and bondage). And then through the Internet, I found Hanks Dive Locker followed by the original Gearfetish site and realized what an amazing community of like-minded people we have out there! I no longer felt isolated and alone! Gear up boys!!!
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