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Sladelycan Male 36 Other Abduction Play
I'm NOT a Sir, I'm NOT a Master, NOR am I Daddy. I'm either Slade or BOSS🔝 I'm your Kidnapper or your Intruder who is big into knockout play with Chloroform, Xanax & red wine, sleeper holds and more... so if interested let's talk more about it. I love to intrude on you, knock you out cold, binding, gagging you, than slowly stripping your clothing away, then having you wake up helpless, ready for what's to come next. I want you to feel used, and violated, but in such a good way that you beg for more. I prefer a challenge to make it fun and not easy on me. My type of men are: Bears, Cubs, Daddies, and Stocky build. My Fetishes are: •Bondage(Advance to Predicament) •Knockout Play(chloro, max impact, sleeper holds and etc) •Impact play (Flogging, Fire Flogging, Paddling/Canning, punching) •Electric Play •Tickling Play •Rough Fucking •Sounding •Fear Play (interrogation) •Foot Play •Rough House (Wrestling, grappling) •Pressure Point Play •Abduction/Intruder, Hostage taken scenes and more...... I own a bear bondage site, if interested please send me a message for details. Sir is BullmanX That's right I'm the Guy your mother Warned you about. Are you a Bear, Cub, Chub, Daddy or jock into Bondage? Seeking models for furry bondage site call WOOFBOUND. If you have questions please ask.
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