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Jobber to be worked on and choked
username sex age sexual seeking
SleeperMe Male 47 Gay S&M/CBT Take
Love ruff submission/NHB matches. Jobber here but can fight back. Love good hard long squash job. Sleeper and Chokes are cool. So are nip work, long tight holds on the verge of submission and punching. Love tangle with larger and smaller. Dish out what you have and see how much I can take - high tolerance here. Can host. Travel some. If I'm looking at you I'm probably in your area soon. Not into master/slave at all, but sure like domination - just know what I like on the mats. Off the mat love kissing, cuddling, touching, holding and being held. Muscle worship is cool too. Submission wrestling, Jobber/Heel scenes or competitive matches, with or without punching. Chokes and sleepers always cool. Rough action on the mat.
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