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I indulge in all things that provides me provided me with a lot...and took away a lot...I know now that the only pleasures I should hang on to are the nurturing ones created when I'm with my friends...that I love Body Mind Soul...but YOU stranger, I don't have to know your name or anything about you to have sex with you or make love to fact, the less I know about you the less perceptions, interpretations, intentions, misconceptions, objections, contradictions, resistance, preferences and judgements I'll have about you...keeping my mind free to concentrate on the vibe of the moment...which will help determining if a dance is possible between us...just our naked vibes in the moment...and if a dance is possible, I'll give you everything...but I can't dance alone...for I am only as good as my partner's willigness to abandon himself with me...and if you do, I'll get the best of you...a good start to anything... Leather pants, collar, bracelets, boots and gloves...latex anything...low rise tight and sexy jeans (even better if ripped and/or torned)...super tight spandex (especially Completely spunked up/piss loaded)...anything tight and provocative clinging to your curves and nicely shaped body...especially your ass and bulge (I'm a big time bulge worshipper)'s fluids (piss, cum and spit....there's never enough!!!!) are more than welcome...and procure good sex... sensuality provides the glue to it all, and makes it beautiful/fulfilling kind of sex...non-negociable sex. I can be your urinal, spittoon and cumdump...with pleasure!...but you have to kiss me passionately, hug me, touch and caress me have my intensity. I am not a slave and I am not into any form of domination coming from somebody who can only see himself as a dominant top...I am into guys who will be as excited to receive what they do to their partners, as they are giving it to them. I love to smell, lick, touch and caress skin...the more body hair you have the less attractive you become to is not the look of it, but more a tactile issue...don't like the feel of it and I don't want it in my mouth either...if one of your better choices in life was to let yourself go physically, I can only respect that choice...but I don't have to appreciate the results. I'm Completely turned off by pain, violence or any kind of rough sex...though, once I'm comfortable with you inside me, you can take me for a long as you spit on me while doing it. I will meet you at the sauna for our first encounter...and nowhere else...don't even ask! Pics from 6 to 11 are not of me...I've included them in my profile because they depict beautifully what I love to do and have done to me. I PLAY SAFE ONLY! Thanks for reading all of this. Ciao!
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