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Hello! :-) Looking for Like Minded Things, Interests and Friendship.
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SteveyBaby69er1 Male 54 Bisexual Play In Gear
Hi! I am your average down to earth, friendly easy going loveable guy,who is into nylon sports gear in general, nylon rain gear, PVC plastic/rubber pants and clothing/ bondage wear, nylon down puffer jackets and sleeping bags, shiny wet look nylon gear. Quite partial to some AB/DL nappy/ diaper loving fun and yes you could say that I love sensual erotic massages, foreplay, masturbation, cock sucking, some female oral sex, gay sex, hetero sex and open minded to trying out anything to spice up my love life, fantasy and dreams. Anything else, just ask! I don't bite unless you want me too! :0) XXX
Blackpool United Kingdom
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