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I'm a 28 year old kinky sub(Most of the time), looking for regular playmates and friends. I've topped only a handful of times and would like to get more comfortable with the role. I get really busy when the weather is nice so it may take me a while to respond to messages. I'm here to meet and talk to people about their experiences and share some of mine. Most of the people on my friends list are people I've actually played with or have atleast met face to face, while a couple are people that I plan to meet or have built a good rapport with. Travel Plans 2017 - MAL, Washington DC (went) - Rubbout Vancouver (went) - Gearblast (went) - IML (Opting out for GB, wish I had more time and money for this) - Folsom Berlin (planning phase) - MIR (plan to go) I'm really into bondage/restraints/uniforms and the gear that accompanies that. I like being a captive and I really like to be hooded. I like to struggle against the restraints, be completely immobilized, teased and begging to be freed. Fantasies of mine include forced bondage (by an authority figure is a plus), medical scenes, mind fucks/mind control, forced milking, cum control and kidnap scenes. Recently realized I'm into: - Breath play (rebreatheing, poppers, nitrous) I'd like to thank Blacknblue for introducing me to nitrous play as well as being a big brother to me. I also enjoy being teased and edged, the following gear are also turn ons; Rubber, leather, latex, vinyl -Any type of sleepsack -Vac racs and sleepsacks (currently one of my favorites) -lycra -tight fitting gear -hoods #1 sensory deprivation -Breath control (New and love it) -spread eagle -muzzles / glove over mouth -gas masks -fist mitts -a little chastity everyone once in a while -Sports gear -Jocks / UA -Racing leathers -uniforms -wet suits -dry suits -Hazzard suits I'm always up for either casual gear play or wild play as long as we're hard, safe and everyone is having fun. I try to stay healthy, and get to the gym whenever I can. Like to stay active, water sports(surfing, Scuba, kite boarding), beach, and the sun. I'm friendly, and a normal guy outside of kink and fetish. I like to play sports (Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer) and being outdoors. Play is always fun, but also looking for friends and open to a relationship. Feel free to send a message, I normally reply to all messages. Always keep it safe, NO SCAT, Blood, body modifications, not really into pain. Tested Negative July 31st 2016 == Results from == 80% Voyeur 80% Submissive 78% Rope Bunny 70% Experimentalist 70% Primal (Prey) 64% Switch
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