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Suits, Ties, Leather, Lycra, Speedo, Underwear, Satin
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SuitLeatherLycra Male 40 Gay Play In Gear
Suit fetish, leather fetish, lycra fetish, underwear fetish, speedo fetish, satin fetish. Had to choose one here but all get me going with the right guy. Mostly like younger guys but if the fetish matches exactly then age is irrelevant. 95% top/dom...but the right guy could bring out that 5%. Details the right sort of tie knot, or the right sort of speedo bulge, or the right underwear... And the satin fetish is for masculine fetish, not cross-dressing (unless you're a really cute smooth twink, then I'd love to see you in girls' satin panties...) Role play is definitely hot when wearing fetish gear. Message me for more.
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