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Hey Buddies! Not specific about
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Hey Buddies! Not specific about what I am looking for....I love bears, guys who look and act like guys, beards & goatees, hairy or smooth, football jerseys (esp. green and yellow, like Jets or Packers jerseys), baseball uniforms, baseball caps, wrestling, long lasting hugs, big bear hugs, holding bears close in my arms, kissing, fucking, like guys who are husky or kinda chubby, like guys wrestling, hugging, burping, kissing, playing sports, chewing bubblegum, getting wet, in the pool or in the shower, etc. Basically, I am kinda shy, but a nice Catholic boy who loves animals, children, and cares about our world....and enjoys all different kinds of things....hugs to all and best wishes! BIG BEAR HUGS to all Kevin (aka Tazzy)
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