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TroyRogers1998 Male 23 Bisexual
I’m Troy and I got interested in my own sweaty/dirty gear at a young age. It was shortly after that I got turned on by other peoples stuff, particularly my brother. My kid brother Blake and I had shared a room growing up. He once caught me smelling my dirty baseball socks while having “fun”. He teased me for weeks! One day practice was cut short because the field was flooded and all we did was run laps in the gym. I got home early and snuck upstairs hoping to catch Blake in the act of having “fun” so he would stop teasing me. When I peeked into our room, I found him on his bed having “fun”, but he had MY underwear that he took from the hamper on his face!!! He confessed that after catching me he tried it and liked it. A lot. Needless to say, I never got teased again. But to this day, we still swap our dirty stuff so we never run out of “fun” material. I have the best little brother in the world!
Woodhaven Michigan
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