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Lookin Fur a Gear Bear to Play
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WannaBear2DuMe Male 62 Gay Play In Gear
Average guy just out Bear Hunting - no traps just straps. I'm 60, 5-9, 170, looking fur a bear (200-300)preFURably furry with a teddy bear attitude & grizzly bear sex appettite, I have plenty of bear food I,ve been told. It's mating season so let's hop in bed & hibernate fur the winter. I luv to cuddle & snuggle up from furry nipples to the tree in the forest where the critters left a couple of nuts (everywhere above, below, & on the other side of the mountain too) If you're in the area, lets MEAT!!!! Love wrestling gear but if we're wrestlin fur the top, you're gonna win real fast
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