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Youngbiker19 Male 25 Bisexual Play In Gear
I've often dreamed of a man in full leather biker gear, big black harness boots, thick black gauntlet gloves, and a black leather biker jacket wearing a matching black helmet with dark visor to ride up to me one evening, stop and look me over, then beckon me to come closer with those gloved hands. As I approach he stands and dismounts his cruiser and he pulls me in so I'm trapped in his grip, he takes my chin in his grasp and forces me to look at him, I can feel his eyes scanning me from behind the visor. His gloves slide down to my hips and he grips a little harder. He points to the back seat, not a word is said, at the helmet resting there. I heed his order and put it on, he saddles up and revs the engine, then orders me on the back with a firm gesture. When I board his gloved hand reaches behind, slides down my leg and we ride off a moment later ... (Source: leatherati; fetish of the month biker gear)
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