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Leather Fox on the hunt for local men!
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Zageden Male 37 Gay Dirt/Mud Buddy
Let me start with I’m a polyamorous type, that means I like more than one man in my love life. Much like how you can love tea AND coffee for their unique flavors and details which make them both distinct drinks. I’m a kinkster with many fetish cards in his deck, and I love adding new ones. My top five would definitely be Leather, Boots, Uniform, Wet-n-Messy, and Muscle Worship. Some of my more exotic interests include sinking in mud/quicksand, financial domination, fursuits, and watersports. As a sub I look for gentleman types, men who have manners, ethics, and a respectful commanding energy. A guy who can make your knees weak without a word. On that note, if you use the word “faggot” towards me we’re definitely not going to mix well. As a Dom I love shy, eager submissive men and boys. The type that just want to live to serve, their first thought is of their Dom’s pleasure before their own. Open minded to new experiences and respectful. Outside of kink I love to walk and hike, do a bit of creative writing, as well as trying to teach myself 3D Modeling and Virtual World Design. I love to ride backseat on motorcycles, I have my own gear and helmet, and I’m told I’m a great passenger. So if you want a man on the back of your bike holding you tight in gear, let me know. I love an excuse to suit up! Misc: -Currently looking for interested domestic slaves. Yes you will be doing real housework, and no you won't be allowed to wear much of anything. Message if interested or curious. Thanks for reading, if you want to get deeper into my style, check out my blog “Adventures in Fetish” on blogspot and see what my kinky life has been like. Have fun and play safe out there.
Olympia Washington
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