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jus fixin to paint somethin real purdy..... LOL Oh yeah...jus waitin fer my knight in shine'n pick-up truck. YEE HAW !!
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artistbeareddie Male 61 Gay Relationship
I am lookin fer a friend and lifemate not a hook-up or one niter, hey guys, I really want to meet and settle down with someone!!! I am 5 11 tall 49 yo salt/pepper hair blue eyes 260 lbs lookin fer a big furry bear..with a big smile to go with his big..heart hee hee..Good kisser a big plus..please no drunks or druggy's apply. Just would like to meet a good on open relationships on one, cover each others back til the very end.A big ol smile is what gits me goin, the rest will take care of itself.I guess I'm like a spiddley legged ol gas station dog, life is like the sun beatin down on my back, with my tongue hangin head goin back and forth justa steady walkin, lookin fer a front porch to stretch out on. Waitin faithfully til he gits home, and sloppin him with warmth and love til we fall asleep with contentment in each others arms til the new day shines wink (BIG GRIN) Just lookin fer my knight in shining pick-up truck..snicker snicker... Hugs n Tugs fellas..thanks fer readin my thoughts..with warm thoughts always. Eddie PS I AM AN ARTIST..WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM OTHER ARTISTS/CREATIVE FELLERS.YEE HAW !!!
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