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Football,Baseball, and Cowboy Boots!
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bearcub Male 35 Bisexual Sports Buddy
I'm a former football player who still loves it(all the pads jockstrap,the smell, and gloves). I also like baseball(the tight pants jockstrap and batting gloves) and (the tight lycra singlets and jockstrap) gear alot too, and a new fetish that im finding i like is cowboy boots jeans and chaps(tight jeans with a pair of chaps and some dirty boots[jeans are optional]) are a new big turn on. I'm not into fems, but a little extra weight is always a plus but over 275 is a little much. never tried any bondage, but im willing to try new things and meet various types of people. im a hiv std free virgin whose ready to go wild and have a good time where ever with whom ever. Also here's a great alternative to the real thing with you thats free!!
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