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I'm currently a freshman at UCSB.
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bikerslave Male 35 Gay Bondage Master
I'm currently a freshman at UCSB. I'm mostly white, but part asian. I admit that I'm not very experienced and honestly don't really know my limits, but am very eager to be trained. I'm into alot of stuff, so just ask, I'm willing to try almost anything once. I'm looking for a dominant, athletic master to use and abuse me. An (attempt) to list what I'm into: Being Dominated(being ordered, under the control of someone else) Humiliation(being degraded, liked being ordered to piss myself or drink my own piss) Being tied up(anything from handcuffs to total immobilization, from 10 minutes to a week...) Being 'forced' to spit shine your boots, lick the sweat from your pits, drink your piss, eat your spit, etc. (not into scat sorry) Breath Control(gasmasks, breathing in your smoke, forced to smell dirty socks, jocks, sweaty shirts and any manly smell) Uniforms(Cops, firemen, skinheads, sport bikers, and almost any other uniform that carries authority) Jock gear(football players, baseball players, wrestlers(singlets), cleats, soiled jocks, used cups) Boots(sweaty socks, boot licking, feet worship, etc) Straight Jackets(The thought of being forced into bondage, and left in a padded room, completely powerless is hot to me.) Skintight gear(spandex, latex, rubber, leather...) Pup play Slave Being roughed up. not sure how else to put that. Like throwing me down on a table, ripping off my clothes, and fucking me hard... just totally being domineering...
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