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23, pierced bondage boy
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boyryan Male 33 Gay Bondage Master
Interests: -Gear: the more the better, rubber, latex, leather, boots, hoods, gas masks, spandex, sport uniforms (baseball, football, wrestling), harnesses, and collars -bondage: lot of bondage, the more the better, hogties, suspension (don’t spin me), spread eagle, sleepsacks, etc. -Electro -CBT (light) -cum control: cum control, cum denial, edging -boot worship -Service for the dom: oral, nipples -pup play Limits: -heavy pain* -anything to do with the ass on me or the dom* -fucking* -Sirs who dont respect boys, or themselves -the usual: younger, poppers, drugs, blood, animals *goes away with “ownership” of me. Gear (I own): Wetsuits, latex (surf suit, tri suit, catsuit, hood, collar), Boots (20 hole eye DMs), Leather (alpinestars leather jacket, oxstars boots), Sports gear (baseball, fball, wrestling, soccer uniforms, cleats), Locking Gas Mask, Under Armour. I have excel spreadsheets to send if you want a full list of gear and toys. Searching for: I am at a point in my life where I am looking for friends more then play sessions, but im not saying play is out of the question. I am always up for meeting and chatting, and see what goes from there. If I wanted a session to get off, I have enough gear to take care of my own needs. Boys never stop learning, so I usually look to others to learn new techniques and mind spaces. If I am looking to play, I generally hope to come across a Dom who is experienced, and can help me evolve as a sub and become a boy again. I prefer you be between 25 and 50. I would also be open to find a Dom who can help train me to be a fisting top. This activity is less sexual for me, and more about fun.
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