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Get up on that bike!, You're goin for a ride bikerboy!
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I am easily turned on by riding anything with a saddle; Motorcycles, snowmobiles, Horses, Mechanical ones especially too and the smell of leather biker gear, Boots, gloves, bodysuits, saddles, etc. I first discovered my deep uncontrollable sexual passion for riding bikes (motorcycles), horses and other saddle shaped items when i rode a mechanical horse at the age of 5. I also found that the vibration and smell of the leather clad rear engine school busses of the 1970's would really turn me on!! I have a large collection of biker gear, dainese luce, riding boots,gloves helmets and bodysuits. I also have a very good collection of Equestrian Leather items(Horse stuff too) primarily black western, trail and roping style saddles
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