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Kiss me while you choke me.
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centerstand Male 55 Other
Take my breath away: I am seeking someone willing to take me to the edge, and if I go over, to pull me back. (B/C while wearing restraints where I am not in control.) Kiss me while you suffocate me! (You should be ever so slightly homicidal.) The best sex, ever, happens on a beanbag chair. I love wearing other guys' well-worn, dirty, sweaty motorcycle helmets. I find it amusing when I read comments of disgust over the idea on biker boards. I have found nasty motorcycle helmets to be quite yummy, going all the way back to when I was about age ten. My first inkling of this fascination came to me with a fighter jet. I'll tell that story, some other time. Well-worn puffer jackets are SUPER FUN! The smell. The stickiness to the touch. The heat. The sound of the nylon or polyester shell with every move.
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