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colt180 Male 69 Gay Play In Gear
I'm looking for real kink action. Not pretend cyber chat. I am low mileage, tight ass, fireman/COP and rodeo competitor looking for 'head too toe' rubber or leather, uniform, sports gear or leather bondage for control and creative use. I am known as a masculine bottom and an aggressive kink top. I enjoy power exchanges. I aint no dead fish and don't care to play with one. No scat, children, blood, PNP or BB. I am healthy & drug free. Are there any real hardcore rubbermen, leathermen and other kinky guys into long sessions with lots of gear ? I Top/Bottom or switch. I want to expand my limits and help others expand theirs. Lets talk. leather, rubber, scuba & diving gear, bondage, cbt, tt, rape, gang rape, face f**king, force feeding, butt play, mancow forced milking, f**king machines, electro, pumping, gas masks, head gear, slings, plowing, bondage tables, capture, interrogation & uniform. Too be turned into a rubberized gimp. To be used hard by a rubber top stud for their pleasure. I am looking for a man or two or three who can give a good mind fuck after we gear up. Then one of us gets forcefully strapped down and hooked up to an intense fuck machine or milker for a few hours. ISO the 'right' guy who has a good variety of likes and fetishes. To put it in simple terms .. take this firefighter/cop, strap me down, fill my mouth and arse. Then totally work me to the extreme. For real ! Not fantasy. I will gladly repay the favor. I like it intense, ruff, kinky and wild. All kinky cops, cowboys, firefighters, SEALS & Devil Dawgs to the front of the line. NO BS here. I can travel. Be honest. Be masculine. Be real or be gone.
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