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Rugby Shorts King Gees & Jeans
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dirtyjeans Male 61 Bisexual Play In Gear
Dig kinky play in raw stiff jeans Levis/Wranglers, footy shorts, blue collar gear, hi viz, Go commando except for filthy jox or speedos under footies. Pig boys like me with a dirty arse, pooped shorts or jeans, skidded jox most welcome. wearing brand new or unwashed filthy gear with or without filthy jocks can be a turnon too. The filthier your turnons the better.Dig play in brand new workgear or jeans, rugby kit, shitty either with or without jox and no jox. Travel around Australia, the USA, UK and Europe.Love labouring with a dirty arse in my kit. Like to meet other filthy guys.Never wipe after taking a dump and dig the way my shorts etc get filthy whilst labouring of working on a farm. Often shit myself and jerk off when bored.
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