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fun loving guy into lots of gear
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doc007 Male 40 Gay Play In Gear
I am a fun loving guy who enjoys the outdoors, playing with others in various types of gear. I am really laid back when it comes to various things but if I feel threatened or unsafe then I will let you know in an instant. I can be very vanilla to very kinky it al depends on the situation and who I'm with. I love to meet new people all the time other wise I wouldn't work where I do. I prefer guys who are masucline in their appearance and actions especially out in publiIc, since I am the same way. I also get into role playing to some degree but I will discuss that with whoever I chat with more. I am also currently getting into the hypnosis scene and it is very hot and a lot of fun if you haven't tried it I highly recommend doing it at least once. If you'd like to know more about my interests or anything else about me feel free to sent an email and ask and I will reply as soon as I possibly can. Also don't just try to add me to your Messenger list since I only add those that I know and have sent emails back and forth with at least over a couple of days if not a minimum of a week.
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