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gearsniffer Male 50 Bisexual Scent-Smells Take
Looking for a buddy 46, 5'9', 160lb, 31w. Athletic, Brown, Smooth, White. Looking for: Friendship, 1-on-1 Sex, Fetish. Bi MM, very discreet. I don't cam; too discreet to put myself on streaming video. Looking for a buddy to chat with, talk to, share secrets with, get to know and eventually hang with when the wife travels. Fetishes: suits, tight sports gear, spandex/lycra, speedos, dress socks, uniforms, and superhero gear. Very turned on by hypnosis and mind control. Mostly sub /service oriented. I like to be on my knees at a hot guys feet, looking up to him, sniffing his crotch and humping his leg like a pup while he kicks back and watches the game.
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