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Freedom is Definitely Overrated
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hundefanger Male 71 Gay Bondage Slave
A MASTER brings out the slave like a sculptor brings the Statue from the raw stone. I am NOT into ANY extremes as . I like a guy on his knees or his toes though. My basic outlook is that life is too short for endless mind games. Short mind games are better, but long sessions are better still. My goal is long sessions with a guy who is here, with a lot of different things going on. I don't always initiate contact as I am in no hurry. I like it when a guy does contact me though. I do not have one 'style' as some do. I have many desires and themes. If you don't write me, we'll never know if it would pass do we? I don't do bareback obviously, or fluid exchange so don't ask. I come first. Get that firmly in your mind. I do think a good boy should be rewarded. I don't think punishment is a reward of itself, but has it's purposes. If you want to serve and be put through your paces, write me. I'm not into fantasy on line. I am into meetings. Worried about your identity? A photo from behind is OK. But no photo forget it, I don't bother with anyone without a photo. Have facilities, and can host. I seldom travel, that just doesn't work out. What am I wanting to do? I am into all sorts of things None truly dangerous though. I don't do risky behaviors that lead to ill health. I do things that might seem risky but aren't. Ok, enough of my thoughts. So_you tell me what you would beg to get Just tell me about it and we'll see. Like to hear the squeak of rubber Love the sound flippers make when a boy walks in them by the way .
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