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Fantasy 1: Driving a sports car in Work Boots or Converse All Stars Imagine a guy (maybe you) wearing something like Hi Top Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars or work boots (You may choose the boot you would like to wear. In my case I would love to choose the Redwing 877, the Dickies boots, the Sears DieHard, the JB Goodhue Ironworker or the Mexican Padilla 410 vaquera which two pairs belong to me ;-)) You would wear also denim jeans or shorts, a T-shirt (preferably white) or a flannel plaid shirt, a cap and maybe some sunglasses. All of these while you are walking to a sports car like the Mercedes Benz AMG GT, the Audi R8, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Ferrari 812, The Aston Martin Vanquish or the Jaguar F-Type. Again, you may choose the car you would like to drive from them. In my case I would love to choose the Ferrari 812. Once this guy (You maybe) gets close enough to the sports car, he opens the door and sits in driver's seat. While he's putting key on its place and/or is about to push the start button, his right boot begins to rub gas pedal and even to press it a little. Finally he starts the car with a big VROOOM sound while his boot is pressing gas almost to floor (his boot does the same operation again and again). After this, he puts the shift on drive while his boot presses gas pedal softly and gradually to get the street. After driving a good while and having gas pedal halfway floor by his boot (how do you think this boot would press on gas? Having all the sole over gas covering it or using just the top of the boot over gas?) He reaches: A track in a forest (it rained the previous night) A track in a beach A track in a desert A track on snow Again, you may choose the track you would like to get into from them. In my case I would love to choose one of the first two. His right boot jumps from gas to brake while he steers the car to that track (the car would screech on pavement while turning to that track. Then the right boot would jump from brake to slam on gas again). Once on the track this guy feels that car is losing speed so his right boot has to compensate pressing gas more and more. Finally this guy feels that the car stops suddenly but his boot has gas to the floor and the engine is roaring at maximum. Another option would be that even with tracking problems on road his boot presses on gas good enough to compensate lack on tracking. Suddenly, something appears on track so right has to jump to hammer brake in order to stop at once in order to avoid a disaster. When trying to resume the trip on that track again, he notices that rear wheels are spinning. In other words; the car is now stuck on that track. Guy's boot is desperately hammering, slamming and stomping gas pedal while he is shifting car back and forward in a hopeless try to get liberated from the stuck trap. My fantasy ends there but you may add what you like to continue to rock the car back and forward as the boot slams on gas pedal again and again. It's up to you too if the car gets liberated from the trap by just only the rocking maneuver or another technique is needed to get out from there (he he! ;-)) Fantasy 2: The little spaceship My other fantasy is about a guy (maybe you or I) dressed the same way as the previous fantasy. Figure he is walking on a desert street or a little forest .While he's walking he finds what it likes to be a very little cute toy on ground like: The Millenium Falcon from Star Wars The Andromeda Ascendant from Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda The Jupiter II from the Lost in Space Movie The Jupiter II from the Lost in Space TV show The USS Voyager from Star Trek: Voyager The USS Defiant from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Battleship Yamato from Starblazers Anime The Spindrift from Land of the Giants (the TV show that made my trauma) The Eagle from Space1999 (my favorite TV show) Figure this toy is no more than four to six inches long and the guy could stumble on this toy in spite of the grass (or scraps) that surrounds it. While taking it with his hand or grabbing it with under his boot, this 'toy' makes funny buzzes and lights while it becomes smoked. What really happened is that this guy found a little spaceship (with its crew inside it). This terrified crew tried to escape but the guy grabbed them before (with his hand or under his boot. In an alternate version of this the ship manages to lift off the ground but while in the process of reaching height a giant hand reaches and grabs it making a huge shake in the ship while it crashes with that hand). Even with engines at full power they can't escape from this booted guy. To make things worse those engines begins to burn and smoke so that this smoke is what this guy begins to see from this 'toy'. If I am the guy who grabbed the ship I would keep it grabbed. If it is under my boot I'll never crush it I just want to have it close to me despite the engine's screams. Maybe I could even try to look it closer (imagine the impact when the frightened crew watch my 'giant' eye on the visor). In your case, is up to you again; the fate of the spaceship (and its crew) is literally at your hand or under your boot I hope you may not find these fantasies too offensive to you; this is not my intention. Please! Forgive me if I really offended you. I will understand if this is not your style but I give you thanks for letting me to express these fantasies of mine to you. I wish the best for you and all kind of success in your projects.
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