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Lacrosse Bro Into Gear & Kink
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laxjock Male 23 Gay Bondage Master
College jock looking for local or semi-local (university of az / tucson / pheonix / travel to NV / CA) gear, kink, bondage, discipline, forced workout routines, and management of my workout routines, and more. Especially interested in being supervised for bdsm training, and having clothing, shoes, and tracking of my workouts / training performance used for real consequences, including punishment, forced workouts, and chastity. Interested in public humiliation in front of dudes at the gym or maybe on a practice field, made to submit to orders and tasks with assigned Doms, or locations in public areas just discreet and with illegal or suspicious the things covered up just enough -- such as being made to go to the fitness center in a cup, and revealing shorts, or made to hit the trails for a 3k run in a singlet, or gear, online as well, for safe, sane, bondage and domination, humiliation, kept managd and controlled. Have a few chastity cages, and interested in exploring aspects of my submissive and slave tendencies mixing up the kink and bondage with control by a Dom or keyholder interested in taking over different aspects of my world to the extent that you want, either with enforced chastity, agreed set time frame and goal guidelines, but pushed, made to expand my horizons.
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