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leatherscotams Male 54 Gay Dungeon Slave
Hi There Ok - time for an update! I have a great Leather Family, several great Leather Brothers, a Leather BFF. a great boy, a good pup and a good-ish pup; and I love them all. I lead a busy life, have a hectic job, but sometimes have a chance to play outside the family. What do I look for? A look in the eye, a spark, an attitude, that little something special. It could be a big guy, or a smaller guy. A body builder or a chubby cub; what matters is a spark - a little something. Leather doesn't hurt! Its my major fetish. So what would we do? depends, mild to wild and equal fun across the spectrum with the right person. Lots of interests & kinks below, but what gets me really going? A Leather submissive cock sucker who loves TT/CBT/Flogging/Boot Licking/Rimming and a taste for cigar ash never goes wrong. Also Assplay/Dildo's and FF. BLUF Member #828 - Organizer of BLUF Parties in Amsterdam along with my BFF SirCharles (and one of the best Leather Masters I know) and my boy Been Master to my boy for 10 years now, a cheeky, feisty boy to say the least, but all in all I could not wish for more. My boy is free to play with others, however any SM play will need to involve me or on a 1:1 basis after my approval (I dont let inexperienced men damage my property) We are honoured that MasterTim has allowed his boy to be our family pup. We are proud to have pup squeek (KinKubFR on here) in our family, he was collared/named on April 30 2011, and also the anniversary of the collaring of my boy. On September 14th 2013 at Folsom Europe we collared our second pup, a little brother for squeek, pup sniffer (pupsniffer on here) adding sniffer to the family was a proud event for us, and making squeek the Alpha pup! pup's love to play, and the pups are free to play around till their heart is content (or they keel over totally exhausted). But if anyone hurts our pups beyond what they agree to; you'll have the family to deal with ;-) Also open to provide advice, tips and suggestions about Gay Life in Amsterdam - drop me a line anytime. Into bondage, cbt, tt, boot & leather worship, ws, whips/floggers, kicking, branding (have been trained by the best, done it only once - no, this is not a must and I wouldn't consider doing it to anyone unless I knew them REALLY well!), caning, beating, wax, breath control, pup play, dog training, forced sucking, gloves, gags, hoods, cigars, domination, humiliation, groups, assplay, FF, Electro etc etc - all safe and (mostly)-sane with limits respected, but a plus if the sub is looking to expand them. Not looking for an LTR or LTB (proud owner of Junior72 on here) One of my boy's fantasies is to be fucked by an unknown, hung leather man while I torture him. It is important that my boy does not know who it is before or after the scene. Interested parties can apply to me please be aware that only those who have 'Always' under safe sex on their profile may apply. And it will be arranged at a time when he has behaved himself and deserves a treat! Not into asian guys - no prejudice - just doesnt do it for me. Not into guys who are not into leather/rubber/military, uniform etc, and sorry, Neoprene doesn't do it for me, cant touch it - like scraping my nails on a blackboard! All safe, no blood/dirt No Time wasters please, and be out and proud enough to have a clear recent pic (dick pic's, ass pics, headless pics etc are of no interest) I prefer to play with guys between 30 and 50, although a couple of years younger or older is possible if there is a spark, or something special. Now the donts/turn offs/important points No Face Pic - No Date I ONLY Play safe - I have no issue playing with HIV Guys, but any play that I am involved with is SAFE ONLY. I can go from Mild to Wild and Im pretty good at sensing a sub's limits/ I dont normally use stop words - but if you need one - no problem; Just ASK.
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